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Sunday, 16 October 2011

Nom nom...

So today is blog action day! Which I admittedly forgot about.. But the topic is "Food", this shouldn't be too difficult for me. Going to answer some of these suggested questions, here I go..
My favourite food, is lasagne. AHH! that, and sweet and sour chicken. :)
Best food memory? ehm, probably this restaurant I was in once, where you sat in a car? and like the dashboard was your table, and it was just very very cool all together.
Worst food memory? That time I got food poisoning.. Oh and the time I tried Vegemite. IGH. * Shudders*
The Strangest thing I have ever eaten, has to be nettle soup, which looked a bit like algae floating in a bowl, but tasted pretty nice. And green Ketchup. Or that one time when I was a kid and decided to try chocolate with my pizza, that was strange but oddly great.
vegetarian, vegan or meat eater: Meat eater. Fo sho. Went through some random stage once, where I decided I would be a vegetarian, but then I realised, there was no way I'd be able to hack that.. Fair dues to anyone who can though.
Growing my own food. hmm. not something I do very often, my brother has a vegetable patch in the back garden, but it take a long time before we get any food out of that, so I suppose this is where I mention how glad I am that I don't need to grow my own food, because I can just buy it, because if I get a bad summer, my food stocks aren't destroyed.
Freeganism: Eating things other have thrown away. Well I'd eat my friends leftover food sometimes, Aisling D is particularly a great food recycler, go you! :L

I don't know if I did this right, like I didn't mention the more important topics that most.. But I suppose the whole point is just to raise the awareness :)

~ Aoife

Blog Action Day website

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